Our Story

The very British and upscale Babington Soap Co. was formed by me, Matthew, and my husband Tom as a result of a mission we started while spending two weeks in our home in self-isolation. There is never a perfect time to start a business and the middle of a pandemic seemed more crazy than usual, but we found our hands so dry and uncomfortable from the harsh alcohol in the sanitisers that we were using, that we had to take action!

It was great that, in a time of need, so many local and big businesses switched their efforts to producing sanitizer to help control the spread of germs.  However, there seemed to be no general thought given to caring for the skin as well as killing the germs. There was also the downside that most had unpleasant smells and were either terribly drying or persistently sticky.

Our thoughts turned to making the world safer for people, in the long-term, by producing sanitizers designed to be a moisturizer first and foremost with the effective sanitizer second.  We thought that by doing it that way round people like us might enjoy using sanitizers more often and kill more germs in the process.  

There are just two of us in this venture and we had zero knowledge of creating products, sourcing bottles, pumps, boxes, ingredients or even selling products, especially in the middle of a pandemic, so we found we had a steep learning curve ahead of us.  Whilst we say just us two we must thank our families who have helped us get to this point in so many ways.

With some great luck we found an amazing formulator who created us our first excellent formula and after some tweaks here and there we came up with what we now offer you.  In some ways, the hardest decision we had to make was whether the product is a moisturizing hand sanitizer or a sanitizing hand moisturizer!  Either way, it kills 99.9% of bacteria in official tests. 

We are very proud that our 65% alcohol-based sanitizer is 99.9% plant-based and 99.9% natural.  We are currently working on an organic version and other similar sanitizers that put moisturizing first and foremost.

In a recent survey, we found that many people want to continue to use sanitizer even after a vaccine is in place.  Especially a moisturizing sanitizer. We will continue to work for those people.

- Matthew and Tom